Provides a list of valid 'GRASS GIS' installation(s) on your system. There is a major difference between osgeo4W and stand_alone installations. The functions tries to find all valid installations by analysing the calling batch scripts.

findGRASS(searchLocation = "default", ver_select = FALSE, quiet = TRUE)



location to be searched for the grass executable, i.e. one executable for each GRASS installation on the system. For Windows systems it is mandatory to include an uppercase Windows drive letter and a colon. Default For Windows Systems is C:, for Linux systems default is /usr/bin.


boolean default is FALSE. If there is more than one 'SAGA GIS' installation and ver_select = TRUE the user can select interactively the preferred 'SAGA GIS' version


boolean switch for supressing console messages default is TRUE


A dataframe with the 'GRASS GIS' binary folder(s) (i.e. where the individual GRASS commands are installed), version name(s) and installation type code(s)


Chris Reudenbach


if (FALSE) { # find recursively all existing 'GRASS GIS' installation folders starting # at the default search location findGRASS() }