Initialize the enviroment variables on a 'Windows' OS for using 'GRASS GIS' via rgrass7

  set_default_GRASS7 = NULL,
  DL = "C:",
  ver_select = FALSE,
  quiet = TRUE



default = NULL forces a full search for 'GRASS GIS' binaries. You may alternatively provide a vector containing pathes and keywords. c("C:/OSGeo4W64","grass-7.0.5","osgeo4w") is valid for a typical osgeo4w installation.


raster or sp object


boolean default is FALSE. If there is more than one 'SAGA GIS' installation and ver_select = TRUE the user can select interactively the preferred 'SAGA GIS' version


boolean switch for supressing console messages default is TRUE


The concept is very straightforward but for an all days usage pretty helpful. You need to provide a raster or a sp object. The derived properties are used to initialize a temporary but static rgrass7 environment. During the rsession you will have full access to GRASS7 both via the wrapper package as well as the command line. paramGRASSw initializes the usage of GRASS7.


if (FALSE) { # automatic retrieval of valid 'GRASS GIS' environment settings # if more than one is found the user has to choose. paramGRASSw() # typical OSGeo4W64 installation paramGRASSw(c("C:/OSGeo4W64","grass-7.0.5","osgeo4W")) }