R bindings to the liblwgeom library

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This package provides functions that use liblwgeom, including st_geohash, st_minimum_bounding_circle, st_split, st_subdivide, st_transform_proj (transform through proj, omitting GDAL) and st_as_sfc.TWKB (creates sfc from tiny wkb), as well as the geodetic (spherical/ellipsoidal) geometry functions st_geod_area, st_geod_length, st_geod_distance, st_geod_covers, st_geod_azimuth, and st_geod_segmentize. The previously offered st_make_valid is now a generic in package sf.


lwgeom depends on sf, which has to be installed first. This package uses the liblwgeom library, and compiles a shipped (and modified) version of liblwgeom. It links to the GEOS and PROJ libraries.

To install from source, it should be enough to have installed sf from source; the resources for this package (PROJ, GEOS) are being reused.

lwgeom source now included

Previous to version 0.1-6, lwgeom would also try to link the system library liblwgeom; from 0.1-6 on only the shipped version is used.