• Tim Appelhans. Maintainer, author.

  • Florian Detsch. Author.

  • Christoph Reudenbach. Author.

  • Stefan Woellauer. Author.

  • Spaska Forteva. Contributor.

  • Thomas Nauss. Contributor.

  • Edzer Pebesma. Contributor.

  • Kenton Russell. Contributor.

  • Michael Sumner. Contributor.

  • Jochen Darley. Contributor.

  • Pierre Roudier. Contributor.

  • Patrick Schratz. Contributor.

  • Environmental Informatics Marburg. Contributor.

  • Lorenzo Busetto. Contributor.



Appelhans T, Detsch F, Reudenbach C, Woellauer S (2023). mapview: Interactive Viewing of Spatial Data in R. R package version, https://github.com/r-spatial/mapview.

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