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sftime (development version)

  • Add a dedicated tidyr::drop_na() method for sftime objects. (See the same recent addition for sf objects #1975).

  • Add a dedicated dplyr::dplyr_reconstruct() method for sftime objects. Relying on the method for sf objects caused erroneously column binding when the second object was a data frame without conflicting column names for the sf and time columns. In this case, a sf objects was returned, even though an sftime object should be returned. See also

  • Add methods to convert sftime objects from:

    • Objects from the spatstat package classes (ppp, psp, lpp)
    • sftrack and sftraj objects from the sftrack package.
    • cubble_df objects from the cubble package.
  • Bug fix in st_time<-.sftime:

    • Still contained references to the old tcclass.
    • Did not allow to give the active time column a character vector as value.

version 0.2-0

CRAN release: 2022-03-17

  • initial CRAN submission