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Processing plugins, installed in QGIS, can be in an 'enabled' or 'disabled' state in QGIS. The plugin state can be controlled from R. qgis_enable_plugins() enables plugins while qgis_disable_plugins() does the reverse.


qgis_enable_plugins(names = NULL, quiet = FALSE)

qgis_disable_plugins(names = NULL, quiet = FALSE)



Optional character vector of plugin names.


Use FALSE to display more information, possibly useful for debugging.


A tibble of plugins, invisibly.


The cache is immediately updated upon enabling or disabling plugins from R.

Run qgis_plugins() to list the available plugins that implement processing providers.

If you installed, removed, enabled or disabled plugins in the QGIS GUI, then run qgis_configure() to make those changes available in R.

If names is not provided to qgis_enable_plugins(), it is assumed that all disabled plugins are to be enabled. If names is not provided to qgis_disable_plugins(), it is assumed that all enabled plugins are to be disabled. Note that the 'processing' plugin is ignored, because it is always available to 'qgis_process' (not QGIS though).


Only plugins that implement processing providers are supported. Installing or removing plugins is not supported.

See also


Other topics about configuring QGIS and qgisprocess: qgis_configure(), qgis_run()


#> Ignoring unknown plugins: name_of_plugin
#> No QGIS plugins to be handled; exiting.