convert objects into a stars object

st_as_stars(.x, ...)

# S3 method for list
st_as_stars(.x, ..., dimensions = NULL)

# S3 method for default
st_as_stars(.x = NULL, ..., raster = NULL)

# S3 method for stars
st_as_stars(.x, ..., curvilinear = NULL, crs = st_crs(4326))

# S3 method for bbox
  dx = dy,
  dy = dx,
  xlim = .x[c("xmin", "xmax")],
  ylim = .x[c("ymin", "ymax")],
  values = 0,
  n = 64800,
  pretty = FALSE,
  inside = FALSE,

# S3 method for sf
st_as_stars(.x, ..., name = attr(.x, "sf_column"))

# S3 method for Raster
st_as_stars(.x, ..., att = 1, ignore_file = FALSE)

# S3 method for ncdfgeom
st_as_stars(.x, ..., sf_geometry = NA)

# S3 method for stars_proxy
  downsample = 0,
  url = attr(.x, "url"),
  envir = parent.frame()

# S3 method for data.frame
st_as_stars(.x, ..., dims = 1:2, xy = dims[1:2], y_decreasing = TRUE)

# S3 method for xts
st_as_stars(.x, ..., dimensions)

# S3 method for OpenStreetMap
st_as_stars(.x, ..., as_col = FALSE)



object to convert


in case .x is of class bbox, arguments passed on to pretty


object of class dimensions


character; the names of the dimensions that denote raster dimensions


only for creating curvilinear grids: named length 2 list holding longitude and latitude matrices; the names of this list should correspond to raster dimensions referred to


object of class crs with the coordinate reference system of the values in curvilinear; see details


integer; number of cells in x direction; see details


integer; number of cells in y direction; see details


numeric; cell size in x direction; see details


numeric; cell size in y direction; see details


length 2 numeric vector with extent (min, max) in x direction


length 2 numeric vector with extent (min, max) in y direction


value(s) to populate the raster values with


the (approximate) target number of grid cells


logical; should cell coordinates have pretty values?


logical; should all cells entirely fall inside the bbox, potentially not covering it completely?


integer; number of cells in z direction; if missing no z-dimension is created.


character; name for the geometry dimensions


see factorValues; column in the RasterLayer's attribute table


logical; if TRUE, ignore the Raster object file name


sf data.frame with geometry and attributes to be added to stars object. Must have same number of rows as timeseries instances.


integer: if larger than 0, downsample with this rate (number of pixels to skip in every row/column); if length 2, specifies downsampling rate in x and y.


character; URL of the stars endpoint where the data reside


environment to resolve objects in


the column names or indexes that form the cube dimensions


the x and y raster dimensions


logical; if TRUE, (numeric) y values get a negative delta (decrease with increasing index)


logical; return rgb numbers (FALSE) or (character) color values (TRUE)?


if curvilinear is a stars object with longitude and latitude values, its coordinate reference system is typically not that of the latitude and longitude values.

For the bbox method: if pretty is TRUE, raster cells may extend the coordinate range of .x on all sides. If in addition to nx and ny, dx and dy are also missing, these are set to a single value computed as sqrt(diff(xlim)*diff(ylim)/n). If nx and ny are missing, they are computed as the ceiling of the ratio of the (x or y) range divided by (dx or dy), unless inside is TRUE, in which case ceiling is replaced by floor. Postive dy will be made negative. Further named arguments (...) are passed on to pretty.

For the ncdfgeom method: objects are point-timeseries with optional line or polygon geometry for each timeseries specified with the sf_geometry parameter. See ncdfgeom for more about this NetCDF-based format for geometry and timeseries.

for the xts methods, if dimensions are provided, time has to be the first dimension.


data(Produc, package = "plm") st_as_stars(Produc, y_decreasing = FALSE)
#> stars object with 2 dimensions and 9 attributes #> attribute(s): #> region pcap hwy water #> Min. :1.000 Min. : 2627 Min. : 1827 Min. : 228.5 #> 1st Qu.:3.000 1st Qu.: 7097 1st Qu.: 3858 1st Qu.: 764.5 #> Median :5.000 Median : 17572 Median : 7556 Median : 2266.5 #> Mean :4.958 Mean : 25037 Mean :10218 Mean : 3618.8 #> 3rd Qu.:7.000 3rd Qu.: 27692 3rd Qu.:11267 3rd Qu.: 4318.7 #> Max. :9.000 Max. :140217 Max. :47699 Max. :24592.3 #> util pc gsp emp #> Min. : 538.5 Min. : 4053 Min. : 4354 Min. : 108.3 #> 1st Qu.: 2488.3 1st Qu.: 21651 1st Qu.: 16502 1st Qu.: 475.0 #> Median : 7008.8 Median : 40671 Median : 39987 Median : 1164.8 #> Mean :11199.5 Mean : 58188 Mean : 61014 Mean : 1747.1 #> 3rd Qu.:11598.5 3rd Qu.: 64796 3rd Qu.: 68126 3rd Qu.: 2114.1 #> Max. :80728.1 Max. :375342 Max. :464550 Max. :11258.0 #> unemp #> Min. : 2.800 #> 1st Qu.: 5.000 #> Median : 6.200 #> Mean : 6.602 #> 3rd Qu.: 7.900 #> Max. :18.000 #> dimension(s): #> from to offset delta refsys point values x/y #> state 1 48 NA NA NA NA ALABAMA,...,WYOMING [x] #> year 1 17 1986 -1 NA NA NULL [y]