rgee Unreleased

  • Fix a bug in ee_extract that changes names in column names when starts with numbers (#119, thanks @joshualerickson).
  • Fix a bug in ee_install_set_pyenv when py_env=NULL (#118, thanks @MatthieuStigler).

rgee 1.0.8 2021-01-27

  • Unit testing enhanced.
  • Fix a bug in Map$addLayer(…, legend=TRUE) when eeobject is an constant image (i.e. ee$Image(0)).
  • Stop message in ee_Initialize to does not allow the use of rgee when the folder “…/rgee/python/” does not exist.
  • Info messages when rgee make changes to.Renviron.
  • Earth Engine Python API test updated to 0.1.247.

rgee 1.0.7 Unreleased

  • Unit testing enhanced.
  • More documentation related to credentials.
  • Smoother connection with Python (reticulate).
  • Now Map$… functions only depend on {leaflet}.
  • Public argument added to ee_as_sf, ee_as_raster, ee_as_stars, ee_imagecollection_to_local, ee_drive_to_local and ee_gcs_to_local which permit to create a public link to the resources generated.
  • A new argument “metadata” is added to ee_as_sf, ee_as_raster, ee_as_stars, ee_drive_to_local, ee_imagecollection_to_local, and ee_gcs_to_local. If TRUE, the metadata related to the export of the images will be added to raster/stars objects.
  • Fix a bug in Rstudio ee_help addins.
  • Fix a bug in ee_extract which adds the system:index to the colnames when the x argument is an ee$ImageCollection.
  • Fix a bug that does not permit to ee_as_raster and ee_as_stars change the fileNamePrefix (#112).
  • a stop added in sf_as_ee since {geojsonio} does not support POSIXt objects (#113).
  • Lazy evaluation support to ee_imagecollection_to_local, ee_as_sf, ee_as_raster and ee_as_stars.
  • Export images via ‘getInfo’ was removed from ee_as_raster and ee_as_stars to avoid problems related to geometric offset.
  • Now ee_monitoring can also be invoked with the ID of a EE task started.
  • ee_search module deprecated, it will be removed of rgee in version 1.0.8.
  • New functions: ee_utils_search_display that display the website related to the Earth Engine dataset, and ee_utils_future_value that helps to run a {future} container.
  • Earth Engine Python API test updated to 0.1.246.

rgee 1.0.6 Unreleased

  • Class method chaining (i.e. x$size()$getInfo()) were changed by pipes (i.e. ee_x %>% ee$FeatureCollection$size() %>% ee$Number()) in all the rgee functions. This solve the problem “OverflowError: python int too large to convert to C long” on Window systems.
  • rgee functions has a cleaner method to run system processes, {processx} instead of base::system.
  • rgee I/O functions now check argument before to start to upload/download data.
  • Map operators (+ and |) now support EarthEnginemap objects with the same name.
  • Now Map$addLayers only display the legend of the first image.
  • Fix a bug in rgee:::ee_image_local which makes do not work when all bands have not the same crs and crsTransform.
  • “getInfo” method in download raster functions was deprecated and will be removed in v.1.0.8.
  • Fix a bug in sf_as_ee and ee_as_sf now both support SR-ORG CRS codes.
  • ee_users returns a data.frame.
  • ee_monitoring counts the processing time.
  • Fix a bug in ee_utils_gif_creator which makes don’t work in windows.
  • Several changes in ee_extract, now is faster and code is cleaner.
  • Fix a bug in name creator in ee_imagecollection_to_local.
  • A new message more detailed when the Python path does not have the earth-engine Python API.
  • Earth Engine Python API updated to 0.1.235.

rgee 1.0.5 Unreleased

  • Important changes in the low level API to upload raster and vector with GCS. However, high upload API (sf_as_ee, stars_as_ee, and raster_as_ee) continue working in the same way.
  • Add the functions: ee_utils_create_manifest_image and ee_utils_create_manifest_table to help users to create a JSON file with all the upload parameters (“manifest”, see https://developers.google.com/earth-engine/image_manifest/).
  • Add the functions: ee_utils_gif_creator, ee_utils_gif_annotate and ee_utils_gif_save to help users to read, add text, and save gif files.
  • New | operator inspired in mapview 2.9.0! try: m4 | m5
  • Fix several typos.
  • Earth Engine Python API updated to 0.1.232.

rgee 1.0.4 Unreleased

  • Add ee_help a new Rstudio addins that mimics the help Rstudio interface (F1).
  • Fix a bug that makes that ee_as_sf only supports GeoJSON format.
  • If dsn is not specified in ee_as_sf, it will create a temporary shapefile (in dir).
  • Fix a bug in ee_imagecollection_to_local (#87 Thanks @cedlfc44)
  • Fix a bug in ee_image_local (#88 Thanks @cedlfc44)
  • Fix a bug in ee_create_credentials_drive (#90 #78 Thanks @cedlfc44)

rgee 1.0.3 Unreleased

  • getPass library removed from ee_Initialize.
  • New argument display in ee_Initialize to return the authentication URI. Useful for rgee colab users.
  • Changes in some diagnostic messages to make possible to use rgee in colab.
  • ee_help returns a HTML file rather than TRUE. It also now supports characters (e.g. ee_help("ee$Image")).
  • Fix a strange bug when ee_Initialize tries to connect to reticulate the first time.
  • Fix small bugs in ee_user_info and ee_users

rgee 1.0.2 Unreleased

  • Earth Engine Python API updated to 0.1.229.
  • Fix a bug in ee_Initialize, that does not permit users to use ee_createAssetHome to define their Earth Engine Assets home root folder

rgee 1.0.1 Unreleased

  • Earth Engine Python API updated to 0.1.228.
  • ee_Initialize now set the global env “RETICULATE_PYTHON” rather than .onLoad

rgee 1.0.0 Unreleased

  • We implement ee_createAssetHome to help users to define their Earth Engine Assets home root folder without leaving ee_Initialize(). (#70 Thanks @jhollist)
  • Fix a bug in ee_Initialize(drive = TRUE, gcs = TRUE) which do not permit users save credentials. (#72 Thanks @appelmar).
  • Removed check_ring_dir argument from sf_as_ee. Now rgee expect that users fix potential geometry problems before upload geometries to their Earth Engine assets.
  • Changes in “welcome to rgee” message (located in ee_Initialize). We delete stop("Initialization aborted") and implement ee_search_init_message. It will permit to rgee to know if the user accepted to create the global var “EARTHENGINE_INIT_MESSAGE” without need to restart the R session.
  • Fix minor bugs in sf_as_ee and gcs_to_ee_table. The argument command_line_tool_path was added to give users the option to set the path of the Earth Engine command linetool. This new argument is only relevant to upload files using Google Cloud Storage. New diagnostic message were added.
  • Now sf_as_ee returns an ee$Geometry$... when x is a sfg or a single sfc object. If x is a sf or a sfc object with multiple geometries will return an ee$FeatureCollection. New unit test for sf_as_ee.
  • Changes in the documentation of ee_as_stars and ee_as_raster (#72 Thanks @appelmar).
  • Fix minor bugs in raster_as_ee, stars_as_ee and gcs_to_ee_image. The argument command_line_tool_path was added to give users the option to set the path of the Earth Engine command linetool. New diagnostic message were added. New unit test added.
  • Fixed a bug in stars_as_ee that didn’t allow to read single-band images.
  • ee_manage_asset_access has a better approach to determine the user owner of the asset.
  • Add a new logical argument called ‘strict’ to ee_manage_assetlist, ee_manage_copy, ee_manage_move, ee_manage_set_properties and ee_manage_delete_properties. If TRUE, the existence of the asset will be evaluate before to perform the task. By default TRUE.
  • If the path_asset is not specified in ee_manage_assetlist, rgee will assume that the path_asset is ee_get_assethome.
  • raster_as_ee.R was created in the /R folder to maintain an order between functions to upload and download images.
  • Fix a bug in the documentation of print.ee.computedobject.ComputedObject() (#72 Thanks @appelmar).
  • Fix a bug in ee_install_set_pyenv now users can set py_path without set py_env and vice versa.
  • ee_extract was adapted to work well with changes in sf_as_ee.
  • R CMD check is more friendly with users, the use of --run-dontrun is also available (#72 Thanks @appelmar).
  • Fix a bug in ee_get_date_ic.
  • Map$addLayer now could display a legend when eeObject is an one-band ee$Image (By default legend = TRUE).
  • New function ee_get: Return the element at the specified position in a Earth Engine Collection.
  • New function Map$addLayers: Create interactive visualizations of ImageCollections.
  • Fix a bug: “OverflowError: Python int too large to convert to C long” in ee_monitoring (#79 Thanks @andreatitolo).
  • Earth Engine Python API updated to 0.1.227.

rgee 0.6.2 Unreleased

  • Earth Engine Python API updated to 0.1.226.
  • Fix some typos.
  • Fix a minor bug in ee_monitoring.
  • Users can mix mapview and EarthEnginemap objects in the same pipeline (see Examples in Map$addLayer).
  • Add ee_as_mapview, a function to convert EarthEnginemap objects to mapview objects.
  • add a new logical argument called ‘strict’ to ee_manage_delete. If TRUE, the existence of the asset will be evaluate before to perform the task.
  • Fix a bug in ee_Initialize, now users without an Earth Engine Assets home root will see a message.
  • Fix a minor bug when ee_Initialize change of user, now before to change of user the GCS and GD credentials will be deleted.
  • ee_check completely renovated.
    • New diagnostic messages.
    • Fix a minor bug when testing GCS credentials.
    • The file ee_check.py was deleted.
  • Roy Samapriya added as a contributor.

rgee 0.6.1 Unreleased

  • Fix some typos.
  • rgee website update.
  • Add citation package option .
  • Additional export arguments add to ee_as_stars,ee_as_raster, ee_imagecollection_to_local and ee_as_sf.

rgee 0.6.0 Unreleased

  • Earth Engine Python API updated to 0.1.225.
  • Fix some typos.
  • DESCRIPTION: Moving leaflet, mapview, geojsonio, sf and stars from Import to Suggest. Now users with installation problems can equally use the Earth Engine API although with less operability.
  • The ‘EarthEngineMap’ S4 class was created to avoid incompatibilities with mapview.
  • Fix a critical bug in ee_install due to the lack of breaks in repeat bucles.
  • New function ee_install_upgrade.
  • New global environment EARTHENGINE_PYTHON was created to help ee_install_upgrade to identify the Python environment used by rgee.

rgee 0.5.4 Unreleased

  • Earth Engine Python API updated to 0.1.224.
  • Fix a Map typo.
  • Fix a bug in ee_as_thumbnail, now the vizparams are checked before to pass to eeImagegetThumbURL(…).
  • ee is now an internal rgee environment.
  • ee_reattach was deleted.
  • ee_print now display the ee$Image properties: system:id, system:time_start and system:time_end.
  • rgee now asks users if they would like to save EARTHENGINE_PYTHON in the .Renviron.

rgee 0.5.3 Unreleased

  • Fix a bug in ee_check_python_packages.
  • changed by in the documentation.
  • gdal and v8 system dependencies added to GH actions.
  • Fix a bug in the paper (ee_extract example).
  • Fix a minor bug in ee_extract, now the argument … works.
  • ee_table_to_drive: changed the initial value of the argument folder from NULL to “rgee_backup”.
  • Fix a minor bug in ee_monitoring.
  • Fix a minor bug in ee_manage_cancel_all_running_task.
  • Fix a minor bug in ee_manage_cancel_all_running_task.
  • Improvement in the documentation of ee_install.
  • Changes in vignettes, Best Practices vignette added.

rgee 0.5.2 Unreleased

  • DESCRIPTION: single quotes in title and description.
  • DESCRIPTION: A more compressible description of what rgee does.
  • DESCRIPTION: Added web reference to the Earth Engine API.
  • changed by in all our examples.
  • Added “#’ @return” to several functions.
  • Added “#’ @family” to all the functions.
  • Added ‘quiet’ argument to all the functions that needed.
  • Added new contributors to rgee (Kevin Ushey, Tim Appelhans, JJ Allaire, Yuan Tang).
  • New environmental variable for rgee “EARTHENGINE_INIT_MESSAGE”. It will be used to display a message to new users.
  • Earth Engine Python API updated to 0.1.223.
  • Documentation updated for ee_print and ee_manage_*.
  • Fix a bug in ee_install_set_pyenv that did not permit to create properly the .Renviron_backup file.

rgee 0.5.1 Unreleased

  • ee_install_* functions were deprecated and replaced by ee_install. ee_install create an isolated Python virtual environment with all rgee dependencies.
  • ee_install_set_pyenv can be used to set the EARTHENGINE_PYTHON variable.

rgee 0.5.0 Unreleased

  • First attempt to submit to CRAN
  • Several typos fixed.
  • rgee paper added.
  • GitHub actions for automated testing and build the website.
  • Due the changes in latest reticulate version (1.1.5), the functions ee_install_earthengine_upgrade and ee_install_python_packages were deprecated and both will remove in rgee 0.5.3.
  • Config/reticulate added to DESCRIPTION file.
  • .onLoad IMPORTANT CHANGES: Now rgee set EARTHENGINE_PYTHON instead of RETICULATE_PYTHON directly and RETICULATE_PYTHON_ENV is no longer required. This change will permit users to avoid problems with other R packages that use Python in the backend (such as tensorflow or keras).
  • ee_search_display function added.
  • Several typos fixed in all the documentation.
  • Minor changes in ee_as_sf to support ee$FeatureCollections without elements.
  • data.colec.fbf eliminated from all the examples.
  • rgee now pass all goodpractice checks.
  • ee_get_img_date and ee_get_ic_date are now ee_get_date_img and ee_get_date_ic.
  • A new group of functions was created at ee_utils.R. ee_pyfunc is now ee_utils_pyfunc.
  • Added new examples in README.R.