Create simple feature geometry list column, set class, and add coordinate reference system and precision

st_sfc(..., crs = NA_crs_, precision = 0, check_ring_dir = FALSE, dim)



zero or more simple feature geometries (objects of class sfg), or a single list of such objects; NULL values will get replaced by empty geometries.


coordinate reference system: integer with the EPSG code, or character with proj4string


numeric; see st_as_binary


see st_read


character; if this function is called without valid geometries, this argument may carry the right dimension to set empty geometries


an object of class sfc, which is a classed list-column with simple feature geometries.


A simple feature geometry list-column is a list of class c("stc_TYPE", "sfc") which most often contains objects of identical type; in case of a mix of types or an empty set, TYPE is set to the superclass GEOMETRY.


pt1 = st_point(c(0,1))
pt2 = st_point(c(1,1))
(sfc = st_sfc(pt1, pt2))
#> Geometry set for 2 features 
#> Geometry type: POINT
#> Dimension:     XY
#> Bounding box:  xmin: 0 ymin: 1 xmax: 1 ymax: 1
#> CRS:           NA
#> POINT (0 1)
#> POINT (1 1)
d = st_sf(data.frame(a=1:2, geom=sfc))